Switzerland 2024

Adventure Trips in the Cities and the Nature of Switzerland   Since it's really easy to travel to Switzerland from Freiburg, I decided to take this chance more often in 2024. Even if Switzerland isn't a big country, it has a lot of beautiful areas. Since I'm living in Freiburg, I've been to Bern, Zurich, Thun, Lucerne and the surroundings, the Matterhorn and of course a couple of times to Basel. Nevertheless, there are even more beautiful cities and natural landscapes to explore.   The first weekend of January, I decided to use my " Deutschland-Ticket " for a one-day-trip to the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. When I was on the way to Schaffhausen, it started to rain and unfortunately, the bad weather stayed for the rest of the day, even if the weather forecast promised a change. Nevertheless, I tried to make the best out of the situation and since it was rainy and cold, the city of Schaffhausen was really empty - perfect for taking great pictures. From the tr